Pilates with the ball

To support some of the work we have been doing in class this term, working with the Pilates small ball, here is a brief overview of the reasons and benefits I like to work with the ball in sessions:

For such a small, relatively inexpensive piece of equipment the ball can be used creatively in so many different ways, it is one of my absolute favourites. I currently have a small stock of new Pilates balls available if you would like to buy one of your very own for home and/ or class use please contact me, they are £7.50 each.

What my clients say

Caroline’s classes are great. Her instruction is really clear and what we do varies each week to keep it interesting. She’s flexible and helpful with any special requests too. The best bit of all is I’ve had to buy new jeans and skirts because the eight months’ of classes have firmed up a few saggy bits!
Karen, February 2016.

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