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I am new to Pilates and have had a bad back for over 30 years. Caroline’s first consultation assessed my issues and advised how to proceed. After only one month my back feels stronger and more flexible and the individual attention in class is excellent. I love the classes.

Heather, February 2019

I have been doing Pilates for many years following a series of back problems and working with Caroline in class is helping me to keep supple and mobile into my seventh decade… although I’m happy to forget that bit and focus on how well I feel.

Jean, February 2019

Pilates exercises have helped me to recover from a frozen shoulder and back problems. Thanks to working with Caroline in class and one-to-one, I now have more shoulder movement than before my injury and have now resumed running and playing golf.

Steve, February 2019

I really enjoy your Pilates classes. The hour goes so quickly and it’s good to experience a few challenges and know that I’m doing something to help to maintain my strength and mobility.

Sally, February 2019

After a hard day at work, the relaxation and stretching is just what I need. I go to the class with a few aches and pains, but always leave feeling much better. I enjoy the class so much that I would recommend that everyone should try Pilates.

Jean, February 2019

I fractured two vertebrae in 2017 and was still having trouble with my back a year later. It came to light that I had also injured tissue and muscles. I had physio and was advised to go to Pilates. I have now been going to Caroline’s Pilates classes for a while and my back is brilliant. I would advise anyone to join. It is a good workout and Caroline is fabulous.

Sue, February 2019

Caroline’s classes are fantastic- and never boring! I have lower back problems and I come out of her classes feeling 100% more mobile. Thank you Caroline for your endless patience, skill and motivation.

Carole, February 2019

Thank you for all your classes throughout the year. They really help me with my back, relax, distress and help me focus on something positive in my life.

Sara, Dec 2018

Although I did my own Pilates routine at home and at the gym, I found that Caroline made me ‘think’ about what I was doing, slowed me down for more benefit. I still do my own routines but I incorporate her exercises and mentality into my routine. I have joined her class and my physio feels that Caroline is definitely having a beneficial effect.

Diane, May 2017

Following a visit to the doctors and physiotherapist it was suggested that I join a Pilates class. I must say that since joining Caroline at Flexible Exercise I am feeling much better and look forward to improving much more

Kath, April 2017

After more than 64 physio treatments to help with really bad low back and leg pain my physio got me to the stage of comfort, but still somewhat delicate, she recommended I took up Pilates to strengthen my spine / core. To say the least my lower back was very delicate so I started with Caroline October 2015. I was unable to flex my right leg and even bending was hard, I struggled to put tights on and even normal day to day chores were hard to do, even getting out of the bath was difficult. By the time Christmas arrived I was feeling lots better, more confident about day to day tasks. Now a year down the line. My flexibility is 100% better and the strength in my legs and back grow’s with every class I attend. I look forward to my weekly session. Thank you Caroline.

Kim, October 2016

I joined Caroline’s Pilates classes in September 2015, following an injury and subsequent operation on my knee. Initially, I struggled with some of the exercises, particularly when they involved kneeling, but Caroline adapted the exercises to take my injury into account and I have seen a vast improvement in the range of movement that I can manage . The classes are excellent, as they aren’t repeated week after week, but each week there is something new and different to learn.

Gerrie S, May 2016

Highly recommend this class to anyone. Caroline explains every move really thoroughly and in a fun way too. I come out of the class feeling happy, relaxed and several inches taller (great when you’re 5ft 2in).

Carole, March 2016

Caroline’s classes are very accessible to all ages and capabilities. In the same class with same basic exercise, she manages very successfully to help beginners get started and challenge devotees with years of Pilates activity behind them.

Jean, March 2016

I love coming to the class and my big benefit (along with all the small ones) is how supple I feel. I can now get out of the car or up from a seat and do not feel like I have to wait a few minutes to get going!

Christine, March 2016

I began Caroline’s Pilates class at the beginning of this year. I initially, joined to strengthen my core muscles following a back operation in July 2015. During the short time that I have attended the classes, I have noticed that I am not only becoming stronger, but I am also in less pain; the various stretches are getting easier too. Caroline always gives alternative exercises if anyone has specific muscle/joint issues.

As well as helping me enormously with my back complaint, I find attending Caroline’s Pilates class really therapeutic. I attend classes on a Monday morning and on Friday morning; despite the classes being held at different venues, I always receive a warm welcome, and have never felt intimidated in anyway. I would truly recommend Caroline’s Pilates classes, young or older, male or female.

Clare, February 2016

Caroline’s classes are great. Her instruction is really clear and what we do varies each week to keep it interesting. She’s flexible and helpful with any special requests too. The best bit of all is I’ve had to buy new jeans and skirts because the eight months’ of classes have firmed up a few saggy bits!

Karen, February 2016

I have been attending Caroline’s Pilates classes since last October and really look forward to the class every Friday. It has definitely improved my wellbeing and I look forward to continuing this.

Lynne, February 2016

Caroline Hopkins