Private Pilates Classes

Pilates private sessions are ideal for gaining a sound understanding of the Pilates principles and technique, helping you manage your own body’s needs, focusing on a rehabilitative approach, enhancing sport specific training and helping to redress sport specific imbalances and issues.

Have a goal in mind?

Alternatively, you may have a specific goal or wish to develop an area of your practice, master a particular exercise or focus on a particular area of the body.

Private sessions are also recommended for those who prefer a more personalised approach to their training.

Book a block of private sessions with me and receive a full assessment and personalised plan including targets to help you achieve your goals.

Injured or recovering from injury?

Because Pilates is so versatile it can be modified to suit just about anybody, many medical professionals are realising and recommending the benefits of Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today.

Managing Director of Chapman Physiotherapy, Vicky Chapman says: ‘Our clients have benefited tremendously from small group and one to one Pilates with Caroline. The attention to technique and appropriate progression of exercise allows them to improve movement patterns and strength within a controlled, safe environment. This helps with the prevention and management of back and neck, shoulder and knee pain to name but a few!’

Private tuition is recommended for health practitioner referred clients recuperating from injuries.

If you’re recovering from injury, looking to further strengthen the body after physiotherapy, trying to prevent an old injury from reoccurring or reduce the risk of new injury: please contact me to discuss how Pilates can help you.

Pilates is also increasingly being utilised as a successful way to help people manage long term heath conditions.


Caroline Hopkins